Monday, April 4, 2011

Listing photos

We've gotten a lot of, "okay, now we know what the floors and the baseboards look like, but a wider perspective of the house would be kinda nice, too!"  So, for your viewing pleasure, I've included the listing photos, so you can see how the place looked when we fell in love with it.  I'll post more pictures of the rooms as we go along with our moving and renovation, but I thought these photos might be a nice start because they show the house when it actually had things in it!  My apologies, though - these aren't the highest quality....

Our little brown house:

Front entryway and staircase:

Front parlor (we've debated calling this a living room, but the furniture in this picture clearly says, "parlor!"

 Dining Room:

Office.  This room was originally the kitchen, which is why the door to the basement is in this room.  (Behind you, in this picture.)  Also, the white post hidden in the corner on the far right is actually the old fireplace/chimney for the kitchen, which has been sealed off.  This room became an extra bedroom when the original owner got older and didn't want to be traveling up and down stairs (in the 60s), and a new kitchen (stay tuned for a classic 1960s kitchen in a frame or two) was built, complete with plastic tile, birch cabinets, and an additional resplendently pink half bathroom.    We are going to make this room our library. 

I told you it was classic 1960s.  Like the sink?  Yes, it is seafoam green.  Enamel over cast iron, we believe.  All that empty space above the tiny cabinets are empty soffit.  Seriously?  Cabinets, here we come! 

Master bedroom, main room.  Through the doorway is the second room of the master suite.  The painting on the wall to the right is of Mount Calvary, complete with crucifix.  A little heavy, first thing in the morning, don't you think?  To the left, you can just see the wing of a skeletal pteradactyl, at least that's what we think it is.  Yep. 

Attic room!   I'm super excited about this room.  It was a bedroom for the previous owners, but we're going to make it a craft room for the family.  Yay!  Also, will double as a guest bedroom, don't worry!  Note:  much as it causes us great glee every time Nelly talks about the "snowsuit staircase" (i.e., the hallway that is as hectically painted as her snowsuit is patterned), that spongepainting will not be there for much longer, we hope.....

Deck and view of the back yard in the spring/summer.  Hard to see in this photo, but on the left rail of the deck is a waxing and waning moon series, including stars, a galaxy, and a UFO.  Nelly loves the UFO.  And on the front and right sides of the deck is a beautiful carved rising sun.  This is really hard to see in this picture, since the tree is right in front of the sun itself, but you can see a few of the carved rays in the rails on either side of the tree.

View of the back of the house, fish pond, and deck.   We haven't seen the yard in bloom like this yet, so we are excited to see what comes up.  But, as you know if you've been following along, we've had some hints here and there of things to come....

You might be thinking, aren't there other rooms, like the kids's rooms, and maybe a bathroom or two?  Yes, there are two other bedrooms (yellow = the one Varro will be in, where we've almost finished stripping paint, and blue = the one Nelly will be in), and a bath and a half.  There are reasons these weren't included in the listing - the two bedrooms were both being used as offices, so they were completely full of stuff, and I'm sure it was hard to take a good listing picture at the time.  And the bathrooms....well, the half bath is about 3 ft wide by 10 ft long, is pretty much floor-ceiling in beige plastic tile, and includes a pink sink, a pink toilet, and a 1960s medicine cabinet with cracked plastic sidelights.  The upstairs bath is more promising and has some great tile, which we will showcase later, but, I'm sure the agent wasn't excited to put out there right away that there's no proper shower, by modern standards!  But, there is a lovely clawfoot tub....with red-painted toenails.  Sigh. 


  1. Thelma & Tim,
    If you haven't come across this Save the Pink Bathrooms blog, it's worth a stroll:
    Amazing work you two have done so far!

  2. Beautiful house! Look at all that unpainted wood!!! By the way, it's pretty easy to adapt a really good shower and oval shower curtain holder for a clawfoot tub.

    If you do a search on shower=kit=clawfoot, you should find all sorts of options.