Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still kickin' (and scrapin'), and a Word from Our Sponsor

A promissory note. We've been busy scraping paint and moving stuff, and we'll have pictures of some lovely naked wood (I hope that phrase doesn't impact our Google Safe Search rating. Gosh, along with all the "stripping" references... what is this coming to?), ready for varnishing, by the weekend. We've also been meeting with various contractors, and, best of all, arranging to borrow some very necessary and very expensive tools (a HUUUGE thanks to Steve!). Which brings me to the topic of today's post:

A word from our sponsor

This stuff is expensive. Tools, materials, accessories, replacements, beer for the volunteers (if you made vague noises about joining in the work, know that there will be reward and drop us an email!)... it all adds up. To which end we are selling out.

We've signed up for the Amazon-Affiliates deal wherein we get a kickback for directing traffic to Amazon. So if we mention something with a link to Amazon, you click through there, and then purchase anything at all from Amazon within 24 hours, we get a few cents on the dollar. And cents on the dollar add up; our last two Amazon purchases were both under $10: Tyvek painting overalls and safety glasses.

Given that our traffic consists mostly of those who love or at least pity us, we've also created an Amazon wishlist for the house. If any perusers of the wishlist have comments in the vein of "Oh, you have the Dickens & Bronte brand smokeshifter on your list; the Tolstoy-Kropotkin model is much better," we'll welcome them. Now...

Back to our unusual programming

Just for kicks, I googled "un-muddied" to see where we stack up (not very well). This wasn't the top hit, but it was the best: An Un-Muddied Bloody Mary, using the seeds-and-juice that one usually throws away when making tomato sauce. It looks delish; and I can't wait to sip a few on the back porch. When the tomatoes grow. And when the work is done...

Coming down the pike
A post on The Worst-Hung Door in the World (and coming even further down the pike: "What We Did About It").

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  1. Looks like you have some good drills picked out there. Just last night I burnt out a 3/8-inch 5.4 Amp Black and Decker model, so I approve of the 1/2-inch 9 amp model you've found. I was drilling some 6-inch cedar timbers and everything was going fine, when suddenly it was as if the Devil had smote my eardrums with a terrible grinding sound, and there was smoke, yada yada. All this is to say that I really like the blog and plan to buy as many tools as possible through here to give you guys some extra pennies.