Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden progress

A few of you might remember a post a few months ago about the garden, and how we have no idea what's actually in it!  So here's a few updates on what we've seen so far:

In March, we discovered we had a ton of snowdrops and some lavendar striped crocuses:

In April, we found that the backyard and the front yard are carpeted with little blue squills:
 (front yard - see our red-right-returning porch post?)

 No house is complete in spring without a cheery daffodil or two.....
 And in May, these little tulipy-type flowers suddenly appeared in the back yard along the fence line....along with the beginnings of a carpet of Lily of the Valley - my favorite!  can't wait for those to bloom, which should be any day now. 

 Also, a lush growth of curly ferns have popped up throughout the back yard, which really looks amazing with the pond: 
And, of course, the Chicago perennial....we've got a variety of hostas.  While some years ago I was fairly anti-hosta, I have come to admit that they are darn easy to grow, and they pretty much look good and come back year after year, no matter what you do to them.  Which has a certain appeal from a homeowners' point of view!!


  1. Beautiful! Looks great for an inherited yard/garden :)

  2. Those tulip-y flowers are checkered fritillarias.

  3. Thanks Lisa and Robb - good to know!!