Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We're still alive

In case you wondered if the acquisition of power tools was followed by death and dismemberment, I have good news: the past couple of weeks brought no end of non-renovatory work (and hence bloglessness). As well as planning, meaning the accordian growth and shrinkage of the to-do list. No, come to think of it, it's been only slime-mold-like growth on the to-do list.

We did check off one item completely: "Select flooring for bedrooms." The answer is 4" wide American Cherry, "Natural" Grade.
It will, we think, complement the hallway and downstairs well, without trying to be matchy-matchy (which would be more or less impossible given the first-growth oak that lies there). The finish looks a little darker in real life than in that photo, and we went with the "Natural" rather than "Select" grade because the imperfections bring it more depth and personality. (One of us, incidentally, likes the variations-to-light, the other the variations-to-dark; we'll let you puzzle that one over!)

Meantime, in addition to acquiring the use of a pile of tools, the paint removal in the smallest bedroom is almost done and we've started sanding the trim in preparation for staining and varnishing. Word on the interwebs is that we want an alkyd varnish for trim (it's not as hard as polyurethane, which is what you'd aim for with floors, and a lot easier to work with).

And we're planning (we think) on jacking up the sag in the middle-front of the house. 3" of settlement there. We're booking a structural engineer to take a look and see whether what we think is possible (lifting the main timber of the first floor, putting a pad atop the existing pillar, and building some new well-framed walls in the basement) will keep things on the level for the next 130 years. More on that project anon.

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