Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doors day 3

Well, sorry for the delay in posting - so much going on over the weekend, we didn't have time to report!

But, because Tim and I are that dedicated to our home renovation, we did spend a lovely, if late, evening on Friday night scraping paint off the three doors, with pretty awesome success:

Although there are a few areas left to touch up with the citri-strip, these babies are pretty much ready for sanding!   Now, they are safely stored in our storage unit, waiting for an evening when we can finish that touch up and get them sanded and prepped for staining.

We do have an open question:  We have a bunch of door and window hardware that we need to depaint.  Any recommendations for a good remover for that job?  Any tips and tricks for restoring 1870s metalwork?  Also, thoughts on what the appropriate finish for those?


  1. What do you mean by metal work? Generally, metal items of the period were either steel, plated steel (like brass plated hinges), cast iron, solid brass, and many items were faux-finished with a painted topcoat.

    If you just want to strip old paint smeared hinges and door hardware, a trick I've used is to boil them (simmer) in water with a bit of TSP.

  2. For a more non-toxic route, check out this blog entry: