Monday, March 14, 2011

Down to business

We plan a proper some point. But down to business! We closed on Friday, and spent Friday afternoon cleaning. Friday night brought out first visitors (thanks for coming everybody! and an especial thanks to H. for salt [that our life may have flavor] and bread [that the house may never know hunger] and wine [for happiness]). Saturday we started pulling out carpet, and cleaned more. Sunday we cleaned (are you detecting a theme?), though we planned more work than we got done, because we had more guests! The pitter-patter, no, I should say the stomp-thud, of little feet was delightful.

Monday morning brought the first true demand of homeownership. The first thing that we're not deciding to do for our own good, the first thing that we can't put off til next week or next month, and the first thing that was really unpleasant given the temperature! It was time to clean the fishpond filter. Going up to your elbows in forty-degree water is quite the way to way up on Monday morning.

But, a half-hour of reach grab muck hose cold cold cold wrap it up bungee it back together and chuck it back in the pond, and all was well:

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