Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good news and bad news!

Every house comes with some of both, right? 

Our first major project involves the floors upstairs - covered
with three different kinds of...aged...carpet when we purchased the house, we knew that we wanted to be carpet free as soon as possible.  Also, it's a priority for us to get the children's rooms in great shape before we move in.  So, on Saturday we started pulling out that nasty carpet! 

I think the good news and the bad news can be summarized in this one photo: 

This is the entry from the upstairs hall to our bedroom.  On the top of the photo, you see the GORGEOUS hardwood floor of the hallway, which has been buried under a carpet lo these many years.  It just needs some love and a hefty coat of MinWax, so we are super excited about that.  (On your knees, waxing minion!!) 

BUT, the four bedrooms upstairs all have variations of what you see on the right - heavily worn, splintered in many places, painted pine.  Not too surprising, as the Victorian way was to make sure that the public spaces looked as good as possible, and save the moolah on the private spaces!  So, we will be finishing our carpet pulling project and then calling in a floor person to see what an expert thinks should be our next plan of action.  We've got a few possibilities:

1)  refinish the pine floors
2)  lay hardwood over the pine floors
3)  rip out the pine floors and put in new hardwood floors. 

We'd love it ya'll could weigh in, so please post and let us know your thoughts!  

For additional information, here's a couple more pictures:

More gorgeous upstairs hallway floor!

The floor in Varro's room.

The master bedroom floor.  Yes, the walls are dusty rose.....

And, for those of you who got all the way to the bottom of this post, I'll leave you with a little reward:

                                                            Daddy, where is your nose???


  1. I would opt for refinishing if at all possible, with replacing any structurally damaged boards... which I'm guessing it should be. I've seen a huge amount of progress made by refinishing, and I think a lack of total perfection is charming in older homes. Your bedrooms don't look nearly as trashed as the subfloor we were trying to refinish as a floor, and you have a bonus that these were actually installed as flooring!

    Just laying new floors in the bedrooms means you have a slope or step between the bedrooms and the hallway, and while I've seen that a lot in houses, it's not one of my favorite things.

  2. Indeed, refinishing those floors could be all that's needed. Sanding makes ugly floors pretty again! You just need an expert to look at them to make sure they haven't been sanded too many times already.

    I'm excited to see what you guys do with this house! I love home renovation!