Monday, March 21, 2011

Support and Distract

An equally important function in home renovation for young families is the young families part.  So, on Sunday we traded work times.  I spent the morning on round three of scrape, scrape scrape in V's room and engaged in an initial round against the spider webs (actually, curtains would be more accurate) in some of the basement windwos, while Tim wrangled children into the bathtub at home.  Then, we traded and I hauled the newly laundered children to the Nature Museum, a favorite location for our butterfly girl.  We spent some time in the butterfly haven:

 A few of the more tame species were amenable to photos:

And the children were fascinated with the waterfall, so I managed to get one moderately reasonable two-child photo: 
 Here's our beautiful butterfly girl, complete with wings!

AND, wouldn't you know, Varro decided to blatantly ignore the rules (I suppose having no idea what I was saying when I read the rules to him might have something to do with this decision), and in an amazing Karate Kid moment, before I could even get the camera focused on what I thought would be a charming shot of the little guy WATCHING a canoodling pair of butterflies, he had one of them by the wing and it was rapidly being shoved in his mouth!  Here's the initial capture of the hapless victim:

So, dropped my camera and managed to pry the poor butterfly from his strong little fist, but even when he was free, for some reason he refused to vacate the premises, and fluttered around Varro for some time, to Varro's great amusement. 

"What an excellent game, mommy!  Look, the butterfly wants me to catch it again!"

Now both butterflies are flying around me - twice as fun!  Maybe I can eat both! 

"Lemme at 'em!  I know I can catch him again!"   
 "Bye Bye Butterfly!"

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