Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Secret Garden

One the things that is most exciting about our new home is that we have NO IDEA what the garden will look like!  We first looked at the house in December, and until we became the owners last week, the back yard was actually under a coat of snow. 

This year, every little thing that pokes its head above the soil will be an exciting surprise for us, as we discover what our new garden holds.

The first thing we learned about our garden is that it is carpeted with snowdrops, those brave first flowers of spring:
Clusters of these little beauties have popped up through the thick carpet of last autumn's leaves all over the front and back yard, and it's super exciting. 

We also met our lovely neighbor just to the north, and she told me that the tree that our deck encompasses is a giant silver maple: 

I did say that the deck encompasses the tree, right?

And the other large tree in the back yard is a black walnut:

Yes, that is a face on the walnut....

Tim mentioned this in our very first post - but our house comes with some pets:
We acquired 9 beautiful koi with the house, who live in a fish pond that PRT is lovingly maintaing!
She has truly taken her new responsibilities to heart, and looks forward to feeding them and de-leafing the pond every day.   One of the exciting new secrets of our hidden garden is that it's teaching our little girl some amazing things about life and growth and how fun the great outdoors can be, even if there isn't a swing set!    Now, if we can just keep Varro from crawling into the pond and getting eaten by one of those 20 lb koi, we'll be all set...!

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